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Garage Door Panel Replacement in Columbus, OH

If your garage door was recently struck by a vehicle, you likely need garage door panel replacement in Columbus, OH. With more than 20 years of replacement in garage door repairs, the technicians at Over and Above Garage Works are able to provide virtually any garage door repairs you need.

Whether you have a single dented panel resulting in cosmetic issues or a severely dented panel that affects the opening and closing of your door, our garage door replacement company is able to fix or replace the problem panel. Get in touch with our friendly staff any time you notice bent garage door panels, and we’ll help you decide what route is best for your door.

When to Call Our Garage Door Panel Replacement Company

Over time, your garage door panels take on normal wear and tear that may lead to warping, cracking, bending, or breaking. Even a single damaged panel can lead to buckling on all the panels or even the door falling off the tracks. It’s best to call our garage door panel replacement company as soon as you notice a bent or otherwise damaged panel. Prompt repair or replacement of a single panel is a much more affordable option than having to replace the entire door after a bent panel causes the door to break completely.

The Potential Consequences of Bent Garage Door Panels

Bent garage door panels are more than a cosmetic issue. In the most extreme instances, a bent panel can cause the rest of the door to buckle and bend at an extreme angle as it rises. This can require a complete door replacement, a much more expensive investment than a single panel. If the door buckles enough, it can also pull the rollers off the tracks, causing the door to fall back into the garage and damage cars, lawnmowers, and even your family.

Garage Door Panel Replacement in Columbus, OH

When to Choose Garage Door Panel Repairs Instead

In some cases, garage door panel repairs may be an option rather than complete replacement of the panels. For minor dents and dings, the panel can often be bent back into shape or reinforced with a metal strut or support. The main goal is to prevent small dents from slowly growing larger until they cause significant damage to your garage door, door tracks, or garage interior.

Contact us to schedule garage door panel replacement or repairs. We’re proud to serve customers located in the Columbus, Gahanna, Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, and Westerville, Ohio, areas.

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