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Garage Door Cable Replacement in Columbus, OH

Is your garage door closing on an angle or not working at all? You may need garage door cable replacement in Columbus, OH. Turn to the garage door experts with more than 20 years of experience at Over and Above Garage Works. Whether you need garage door cable repair or replacement, our technicians are able to diagnose your problem and provide an affordable solution.

Whenever you need garage door cable replacement service or any other type of garage door repairs, get in touch with our friendly staff. Be sure to take advantage of our great prices and discounts including a $99 tune-up with free rollers.

Garage Door Cables Repair and Replacement in Columbus, OH

When to Schedule Garage Door Cable Replacement Service

Some common symptoms of a garage door cable problem are fairly obvious. The cables are what pull the door up, so the most obvious sign that a cable needs replacement is that the door fails to rise even when other components are moving. Because most garage doors have two cables, if one is broken, your door may rise lopsided or only on one side, causing the panels to bend or break. Our garage door cable replacement service specialists are able to replace or repair your cables promptly and affordably.

Benefits of Prompt Garage Door Cable Repair or Replacement

In some cases, a cable may unwind from its spool or drum, but not break. In this case, garage door cable repair simply consists of rewinding the cable onto the drum so that it can operate normally. In most cases, however, the cable has snapped and needs to be replaced. Your garage door will not open or close without human assistance until the cables are replaced, so it’s important to schedule service as soon as you recognize a problem. While it is possible to force the door up on your own or with assistance from a friend, we strong recommend against this due to the weight of most garage doors and the dangerous components involved.

Providing a Wide Range of Comprehensive Garage Door Repairs

Each component of your garage door plays a vital role in ensuring it opens and closes properly, and our technicians are skilled at repairing and replacing each one. Whether you need garage door cable replacement, a panel replacement or a new torsion spring, we’re here to make sure you can enter and exit your garage effectively and safely.

Contact us to discuss our garage door cable replacement and repair services. We’re proud to serve customers located in the Columbus, Gahanna, Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, and Westerville, Ohio, areas.

$99 Door Tune Up with Free Rollers